Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Different Tires For Different Needs

When you know you need new tires, you want to be sure you put the best tires on your car. This doesn't mean simply choosing to go with high-quality tires, but it also means choosing ones that will handle well and stand up to the type of driving you'll be doing in the areas where you will be doing that driving in. Here are some of the different scenarios to consider in order to make sure you end up with the right tires.

Summer tires

If you are going to be doing a lot of driving in very hot temperatures, such as when you live in the desert or visit it often, then you want to know you are having tires put on your car that will withstand the hot surfaces well. You want to ask for 'summer tires' when you take your car in. While there aren't tires that are labeled as 'summer tires', there are specific ones that those who sell tires will recognize as such.

All-season tires

All-season tires are ones that are designed to perform well in average temperatures and cold temperatures, as well as in the rain and light snow. They will give you great traction due to the tread designs, and they will be built to do well in freezing temps. These tires can stay on your car year-round, whereas you would want to have your tires switched out if they weren't all-season and you were approaching the cold, wet, and snowy season.

Touring tires

When you don't really have any concerns with regards to extreme climate conditions, you may be focused more on wanting to enjoy a comfortable ride. Touring tires have been designed specifically to give you a comfortable driving experience while also handling well. There are also grand touring tires that offer you that comfortable ride while also handling higher speeds better.

All-terrain tires

All-terrain tires have tread patterns that would best be described as 'aggressive'. It is those tread patterns that make these tires great for all types of terrain, whether you are driving on the highway or off-roading on loose dirt, these tires are the type that you are going to want on your vehicle. The tread allows them to better grip in rocky, muddy, or even loose dirt conditions.

Performance tires

Performance tires are ones with wider circumferences and tread that makes them handle great on wet surfaces, as well as allowing them to handle high speed driving well.

For help selecting the right tires for your needs, work with local tire dealers