Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Why Repairing A Damaged Windshield Is Usually Better Than Replacing It

If your car has windshield damage, there might be the option to have it repaired. This might be a good alternative to a full windshield replacement, depending on the size and type of crack or chip. When a repair is possible, it's usually the better choice over a replacement for these reasons and more, although you can talk to an auto glass repair professional to find out more about whether or not a repair is going to be the right choice for your auto glass.

Your Windshield Will Have the Original Factory Seal

Someone who is good at windshield installations can properly install a windshield so that it has a proper seal. If any mistakes are made during the process, however, the windshield might not have as good of a seal as it should. Additionally, if you drive your car too soon after the new windshield is installed or if you drive your car over potholes or speed bumps, there is the possibility that the seal could be impacted.

This can cause issues in a few ways. A car windshield that is not properly sealed in place can be dangerous, since it can be more prone to shattering if something hits the windshield or if you get into a car accident. Additionally, a windshield that is not properly sealed might allow moisture to leak into your car, which can cause mold, water stains and unpleasant odors.

If you have your existing windshield repaired, you don't have to worry about your car's windshield not having a good seal. In fact, it will still preserve its original factory seal.

You Can Help Maintain Your Car's Value

With each part that you replace on your vehicle, you have to worry about your car's value being impacted. This is particularly true if you use aftermarket parts rather than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is even true for your windshield. If you have your vehicle's factory windshield repaired properly, however, you should not have to worry about your car's value being impacted.

The Repair Shouldn't Take Long

Getting your auto glass repaired is typically a pretty quick process, and there shouldn't be a waiting period before you can drive your car again, either. This can allow you to get back on the road a lot more quickly, but when you do so, you will have a windshield that is free of cracks, chips or other imperfections.

To learn more, contact an auto glass repair company near you.