Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

What to Replace in Your Car at 100k Miles

If you are buying a used car or if your existing car is almost near 100,000 miles, then you can expect that it will need some routine maintenance and repairs soon. The car model and how many times your car has been serviced will ultimately dictate what exactly needs to be done to your car at 100,000 miles. On average, most cars will need to have the following repairs done or at least looked at by their mechanic. 

1. Change the Timing Belt

Your timing belt is responsible for helping your engine function properly so that all of the valves open and close like they should. Around 100,000 or less, you should have your timing belt changed. After all of that wear and tear, it can start to wear down your belt and make it not function properly, which could have detrimental effects on your engine's ability to run overall. However, when you have it replaced with a new one, you can ensure that everything is doing its job correctly. 

2. Refill All of the Fluids

Just like how your body needs water to function properly, your car needs fluids to run smoothly. While you may be able to get away with topping off your oil and transmission fluid when it runs low, 100,000 miles is the perfect time to have all of your fluids flushed and then replaced. When you flush out everything from your car, you can get rid of sediment and other minerals that may be trapped inside. Then, the mechanic can replace it with clean fluid so that things continue to run properly. 

3. Replace the Hoses

Your hoses are responsible for a variety of things including moving fluids to and from the components in your car. When your car has reached 100,000 miles, it's usually time to replace the majority of your hoses; especially the ones leading to your transmission and engine. By having new hoses and new fluids, you can ensure that everything running to and from your car's main components are clean and running smoothly. 

Having a car that runs efficiently is exactly what every car owner wants. Once your car reaches 100,000 miles, most auto repair shops will do what is called a 100k checkup which means they will replace all of the things listed in this article. To learn more about these and other services, visit an auto services shop near you.