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Repairing Common Brake Issues With Your Vehicle

The brakes are the most important safety system for your vehicle, but many owners will simply be unaware of the type of care and maintenance that these systems will need. As a result, they may not be in a position to properly address some of the serious problems that brakes can suffer.

What Issues Indicate A Serious Brake Problem?

Car owners will often fail to address brake problems because they may fail to recognize the warning indications that their vehicle is suffering from these issues. Loud squealing can be one of the most noticeable indications that the brakes are in poor condition or malfunction. However, some of these issues may be more subtle. A common indication that drivers may overlook will be the vehicle vibrating when the brakes are applied. Additionally, you may notice that the amount of distance that you need to stop the vehicle may be increasing.

Can The Brakes Suffer Major Damage If You Go Too Long Without Changing The Pads?

Changing the brake pads will be the most common type of maintenance that you will need to do. However, it can also be something that you may find easy to put off. Sadly, waiting too long to replace the brake pads can both make the vehicle less safe to operate while also contributing to the risk of severe damage occurring to the brake rotor and assembly. In fact, you may find that you could be forced to install a completely new braking system for your vehicle as a result of allowing these damages to occur. Due to this, you should always make it a point to replace your brake pads according to the recommended schedule regardless of whether the vehicle is currently experiencing performance or braking problems.

Is It Possible For Rocks Or Other Debris To Get In The Brake System?

While you are driving the vehicle, the undercarriage will be regularly bombarded with small pebbles and other road debris. Unfortunately, there can be instances when this debris may work itself into the braking system. In extreme cases, this debris may be able to jam the brake assembly for one of your wheels. A loud squeal from the debris grinding on the braking system can be one warning sign of this problem, but you may also be able to smell a burning odor. This can be due to the sparks and extreme heat that may be generated by this problem. Luckily, removing a rock from the brake assembly can be relatively easy for an auto repair service to do.