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4 Benefits Of Switching To A Synthetic Lubricant For Your Engine

When it comes to taking the best possible care of your vehicle, you may want to consider using synthetic motor lubricants, also known as synthetic motor oil, in your vehicle. When it comes to making the switch from standard conventional oil to synthetic oil, there are a few benefits that come along with making this switch that you should be aware of.

Benefit #1: Smooth Lubrication

One of the biggest reasons to switch from conventional motor oil is that synthetic motor oil provides for smoother lubrication of your engine. The molecules that make up synthetic motor oil are actually different than the molecules that make up regular motor oil.

Synthetic motor oil is composed of round molecules, which is what allows the motor oil to flow and provide better lubrication than traditional motor oil. The motor oil is literally designed to flow better when it is in synthetic form.

Benefit #2: Fewer Breakdowns

Conventional motor oil starts to break down when it is exposed to extreme heat. Synthetic motor oil, on the other hand, is able to withstand much hotter temperatures before it starts to break down.

Synthetic motor oil is specially designed in order to withstand extreme heat, which means that it is able to last longer in high-heat conditions. Longer-lasting and higher quality oil is always a good thing for your engine.

Benefit #3: Engine Cleaning Ability

When you use synthetic oil, you can help keep your engine a little cleaner. When conventional motor oil breaks down, it leaves behind sludge in your engine.

When synthetic oil breaks down, it doesn't leave behind the same sludgy waste in your engine. It is designed to burn and break down in a cleaner manner which is better for your engine. This results in less wear to your engine.

Benefit #4: Great for Old & High Mileage Vehicles

Finally, synthetic oil is great for older and high mileage vehicles. Syntenic oil lasts longer, allowing you to stretch out how often you get an oil change, and it provides your engine with more protection, which is necessary if you drive a lot or have an older engine.

Look for a dealer or auto parts store that sells synthetic motor lubricants to use in your vehicle, such as an AMSOIL synthetic lubricants dealer. Synthetic oil can help provide your vehicle with superior lubrication that provides extra support for older and high-mileage vehicles. Investing in synthetic oil can also save you money over time, resulting in fewer oil changes and less damaging wear on your engine.