Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Use Your Senses: 3 Signs That Auto Repair Is Needed

Some car owners ignore subtle signs that their vehicles may need auto repairs. If you ignore the subtle signs, they can lead to significant mechanical or structural damages. You could also put yourself in a dangerous driving situation. At the first sign of your vehicle handling differently than it normally does, you should take it to an auto repair shop. An auto mechanic can inspect it to determine what is causing the issue. The following points are a few signs that you need to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop.

Strange Noises

Ideally, vehicles should operate quietly. There are exceptions when robust or specialty vehicles such as race cars are involved. The average vehicle on the roadway does not fall into this category. Noisy operation is indicative that a component of the vehicle is failing or broken. Belts can get loosened or break and produce screeching noises. Fans may get loosened and make clanking sounds. Low fluids may emit gurgling or ticking sounds. Brakes that need attention to make grinding and squealing noises. 

Strange Movements

Your vehicle should change gears smoothly. If you notice that it juts forward when changing gears, you may have a transmission issue. Continuing to operate the vehicle could damage the transmission and you may need to get it rebuilt or get a new one. Another strange movement is a wobbly feeling when driving. This issue may be related to poor suspension. You may also need to get your vehicle aligned. The vehicle may appear to shift to the side when you drive if there is an alignment issue. Take alignment issues seriously because they can wear down tires and make driving unsafe. 

Strange Smells

Your vehicle should not produce smells. Common smells are burnt, smoky, and gaseous odors. All of these are signs that something is leaking or malfunctioning. Burnt odors could be the smell of oil or another liquid leaking and making contact with hot parts of your vehicle. Faulty brakes and worn clutches also produce this smell. Smoky odors may be related to improper exhaust. Gassy odors could be indicative of a gas leak, engine issue, or exhaust issue.

An auto repair shop is the best resource to use to protect your vehicle against extensive damage. They can visually inspect your vehicle, and they also have diagnostic machines that can determine what is wrong with vehicles. If you assume you know what is wrong with your vehicle and you are wrong, you could cause more damage to essential parts such as the motor and transmission.

Reach out to a local auto repair shop today for more information.