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German Engineering And The Maintenance And Repairs Your Diesel Engine Needs

If you have bought a German luxury vehicle, it is more than likely to have a diesel engine. This is due to diesel being the more prominent fuel used in these passenger vehicle engines. Therefore, your car is going to need specific maintenance and repairs. The following guide to diesel engine maintenance and repairs will help you care for your car:

Oil Changes and Filter Care For Diesel Engines—The first thing that your diesel engine needs is a regular oil change. Oil change maintenance does not need to be done as frequently as it does with a gasoline engine, but more work needs to be done. Often, repairs may also be needed when changing the oil in a diesel engine. The oil change service for your diesel engine should include the following jobs.

  • Changing the oil for the right weight for the climate outside
  • Changing the intake and cabin air filters
  • Checking and changing the diesel fuel filter
  • Inspecting the diesel fuel injection system

These tasks need to be done when changing the oil in a diesel engine to ensure your German car performs like it was designed to perform. Sometimes, problems with bad diesel fuel can also cause issues with sensors, fuel injection, and the air intake that will need to be repaired when having the oil changed.

Dealing with Diesel Engine Problems and Power Loss—With diesel engines, there are several issues that could cause performance problems and power loss. The issues that could be causing your diesel engine to lose power include:

  • Bad diesel fuel causing stuttering problems
  • Issues with fuel injectors and fuel pump problems
  • Bad air intake sensors that cause problems with power loss
  • Worn or damaged diesel engine turbo that needs to be replaced

These are diesel engine problems that frequently cause power loss and will need to be repaired to get the performance you want from your car.

Problems with Cold Starting and Heat Plugs in Diesel Engines—Another issue with your diesel engine that you may need to have repaired is bad heat plugs. When the heat plugs go bad, it can make it difficult to start the engine when it is cold, and it could affect the performance of the engine. Therefore, when you are having trouble starting your car, you will want to take it in to have the heat plugs replaced.

Leaks and Overheating Problems that Can Cause Damage to Diesel Engines—The leaks in a diesel engine can be serious problems that lead to overheating and loss of compression. Therefore, if you notice a problem with oil or coolant leaking and your engine running hotter, take your car to a repair service to fix the leaks before they cause serious damage.

The diesel engine maintenance and repair jobs are some of the issues that you may need to deal with if you have a German luxury vehicle. If you need help with repairs when you are having diesel engine performance problems, contact a BMW repair service, such as August European, to get help from trained technicians.