Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Getting Your RV Ready for a Road Trip

When you are getting ready to take a trip in your recreational vehicle, it is crucial that you make sure your RV is prepared for the trip. Garage or service centers that offer RV services will often do an inspection on the vehicle for you so that you can be sure it will make the trip.

Checking the Tires

It is essential that you check the tires on your RV before you take it on the road. The tech at the RV services company will check the tires for wear, damage, and signs of suspension issues for you when you take the RV in for inspection. 

Dry rot is a common issue with the tires on RVs that sit all winter and driving the vehicle with rot on the sidewalls. The tire could blow out while you are driving it. Dry rotted sidewalls are weakened by the damage, and because of the cracks in the rubber, they can burst when there is stress applied along the edge of the tires, especially when turning a corner. The weight of the RV increases the chance of a blowout, so tires with any damage should be changed as soon as you notice the damage. 

Checking the Oil

The oil in the engine of your RV is critical. It lubricates and helps cool engine parts as you drive, but over time it gets contaminated with metal and material from the bearings and other parts inside the engine. Having the RV services company check the oil and change it is a good idea before any trip out with your camper. Have the tech change the oil and filter, then lubricate the chassis and suspension for you. It is also an excellent time to check the other fluids in the vehicle and refill anything that is low.

Depending on the miles on your rig, you may want to consider having the transmission oil and filter change. Have the tech check the transmission oil for you while the vehicle is in the shop and let you know if it needs to be changed.

Radiator and Cooling System

On large vehicles like an RV, it is crucial that you have the cooling system checked before hitting the road. If the coolant is low or you have a leak in the system, the added stress of taking the vehicle on a road trip could result in a failure of the system. When you take your vehicle in and have the RV services company look things over, ask them to check the cooling system.