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Should You Have Your Brakes Checked? 2 Telltale Signs It's Time

Car maintenance is extremely important. If you are driving the car, you should be the one that is maintaining it. If you don't maintain your car, it can begin to breakdown, and it could occur while you're out on the road, which can be dangerous for you, your occupants, and anyone else on the road at the time. Your brakes are one part of your car that needs to be maintained, as others around you can be affected if your brakes are not in good shape. You may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision and injure someone. Although it may be unintentional that your brakes failed, you would still be at fault. Ensure your brakes are in good shape by having them inspected and changed as necessary. Read on for a few signs that your brakes need to be changed.

Rubbing, Squealing Or Grinding Sounds

If you hear a rubbing or grinding noise when you attempt to stop your car, it may be your brakes. Your brakes can get wet and they may squeak, but if it's occurring all of the time, it could be that you need new brakes. Your brakes usually squeal first to let you know that you are in need of brakes. If the squealing has stopped and grinding has begun, you may also be in need of new rotors as well. Anytime you hear an odd noise coming from your brakes, have them inspected.

Difficulty Stopping Quickly

Your car should stop as soon as you press on the brake. If you are having a more difficult time stopping, especially if you aren't going that fast, it most likely means you are in need of new brakes. The faster you are going, the more time it takes to stop your car, but if you're having a hard time when you aren't speeding, imagine how difficult it would be to stop if you were traveling at a high rate of speed. If you are having trouble stopping your car, take it to a brake service shop to have your brakes inspected and changed.

These are just a few of the signs that would indicate it's time to change your brakes. If you are having issues with your brakes, you hear noises, or you have a hard time stopping, get your car inspected and have your brakes changed as needed. Your car should be road-ready — if it isn't, your car becomes a danger to you and those around you on the road.

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