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Problems With Your Truck? Signs The Diesel Engine Is In Need Of Repairs

If you've got a diesel truck, you've got to watch out for engine problems. Even minor issues can turn into major engine trouble if you don't take care of them quickly enough. Unfortunately, if you're new to diesel engines, you might not know what to look for. Here are four sure signs that your diesel engine is in need of repairs. If you encounter any of the problems listed below, visit a diesel mechanic right away. 

Your Truck is Experiencing Rough Starts

Diesel engines rely on the right amount of compression to get started. If the compression is off, even by a little, your diesel engine will have trouble getting started. Unfortunately, the more you crank the engine, the worse the problem becomes. If you purchased a used diesel truck, and the engine is more than a few years old, the rough starts could mean that there are problems in the combustion chamber. If that's the case, the engine needs to be repaired right away. 

Your Exhaust Pipe is Blowing Colored Smoke 

If your truck is running smoothly, you shouldn't see any smoke from the exhaust. If you're noticing smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, you need to take your truck in for repairs. Colored smoke should always be taken seriously. This is especially true where white, blue, or black smoke is concerned. White smoke is a sign that you've got problems with the injectors. Black smoke indicates a problem with either the injector pump, or the EGR valve. If you've got blue smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, your diesel engine may be burning oil. In either case, you need to take your truck in for a diesel engine repair

Your Truck is Burning Through Fuel 

If your truck has started burning through the fuel, it's time to head to the repair shop. Poor fuel efficiency is a sure sign that your diesel engine is experiencing serious issues. Poor gas mileage is often an indication that you've got a leak somewhere in the fuel system. 

Your Engine is Idling Rough

If you've noticed that your diesel truck is shaking and vibrating at every stop, you need to schedule engine repairs right away. Rough idling can be caused by several issues. First, there could be a problem with engine timing. Second, the injectors may be malfunctioning. Finally, the fuel mixture might be off. A certified diesel mechanic can take care of these issues for you.