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3 Ways To Troubleshoot A Vehicle That Will Not Start

Did you try to start up your vehicle and discovered that it will not start at all? If so, it helps to know how to troubleshoot the problem to know what needs to be repaired.

Check For Battery Problems

The first thing you'll want to do is simply look at your dashboard for warning lights that may have gone off, and pay attention to that battery light. If it is on, it means that you have some sort of problem with your battery. Look at the clock on the radio and see if the time reset because a reset clock will mean that the vehicle lost power for some length of time. 

Turn the vehicle to the run position and try turning the headlights on. Do the lights inside the vehicle dim, or is there a beeping sound when trying to do so? This is an indication that your battery is dying. You can further investigate the problem by using a multimeter, but these steps will save you the hassle if you do not have one.

Listen For The Initial Sounds

If the battery is all good, you can try to listen for sounds that indicate a problem. Go through the normal process of starting the engine to listen for the odd sounds. If the engine is still cranking, you know that the engine is spinning and the starter is engaging. If not, then it could be a problem with either of those two parts. If you hear a clicking sound but it seems as if the engine is not turning over, then you know that the issue is with the starter itself. Consider taking the vehicle to a local auto repair shop to further diagnose this problem, since diagnosing the issue may be well beyond basic DIY troubleshooting. 

Swap Out The Fuel Filter

When the lights are turning on and your car is making normal sounds when you try to start it up, the problem may be with the vehicle's fuel filter being clogged. The engine needs fuel in order for it to start up, but a clogged fuel filter is going to prevent the engine from getting the fuel you need. Consider swapping out the fuel filter with a new one to see if that allows your car to start up. 

Still not sure why your vehicle is not starting? Have it towed to a local auto shop to further investigate the problem.