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The Main Functions Of Automatic Transmission Fluid And Why It Needs Regular Changing

The fluid that flows through your automatic transmission system serves different purposes. Knowing what these functions are is crucial to understanding how car transmissions work and why it is important to perform timely maintenance on your vehicle.

Check out this discussion on the main functions of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and why it is important to change the fluid regularly. 

The Main Functions of Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATF performs several functions in cars. The primary ones including the following:

Lubricating the Transmission: Your automatic transmission system has several moving components that work in tandem to deliver the power of your car's engine to the wheels. For these components to function smoothly, they need to be kept properly lubricated. 

ATF acts as the lubricating agent that is required to ensure the smooth operation of different transmission parts. Without it, friction would occur between the moving components of your transmission, resulting in excessive wear and overheating of parts. 

Cooling of the Transmission: Excessive heat is one of the worst enemies of car transmissions. Without an effective mechanism for heat removal, transmission failure is inevitable. 

Automatic transmission fluid is specially formulated to absorb the heat generated as the transmission system runs. As the fluid flows through the moving parts, it carries heat from the transmission to the rest of the car's cooling system. This helps to avoid transmission overheating, which has the potential to cause costly damage to your transmission.

Cleaning of the Transmission: ATF not only lubricates and cools your transmission—it also helps to keep it clean and healthy. As the fluid flows through your transmission, it carries contaminants that may adhere to internal components and cause them to get damaged. This helps keep your transmission healthy and free of contaminants that may affect their performance and lifespan.

Why You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid Regularly 

Unfortunately, ATF isn't designed to last forever. Over time, it loses its initial qualities and becomes ineffective at lubricating, cooling, and cleaning the transmission system. As a result, the oil needs to be replaced with fresh oil at certain intervals.

Taking proper care of your automatic transmission is critical to maximizing its performance and lifespan. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's instructions on when to change your ATF. Also, be sure to use the right quality of transmission oil recommended for your vehicle. If you don't know how to change your car's transmission fluid, let a professional mechanic do the task for you.