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4 Vital Signs You Need To Fix Your Brakes

You can't safely drive without your brakes. Your brakes help to slow down your vehicle, and they provide you with control over your movement. It is important to know the signs that your brakes need repairs, so you can take them to the mechanic and get them fixed right away.

Vital Sign #1: Vibrations When Braking

When you apply your brakes, you should feel your brakes decompress slowly. You should not feel vibrations when you apply your brakes.

If you feel vibrations when you apply your brakes, that means your brake rotors are wearing down. When your brake rotors wear down, your brake pads are not able to make contact with them properly, which is what causes the vibrations you feel when you apply your brakes.

Vital Sign #2: Strange Sounds

When you apply your brakes, as they wear down, you may hear a little squeak. A little squeaking sound means your brakes are starting to wear down.

When you apply your brakes, you shouldn't hear a grinding or howling noise. If you are hearing such a sound when you apply your brakes, that means the metal is exposed on the brake. Your brake pads are down to the bare bones, and they need to be serviced right away.

You will more than likely need to replace the rotors as well. If the sound is extremely loud, the brake calipers may be failing as well, and they may need to be replaced. If you don't replace your brake calipers in time, they will freeze up, and cause your wheel to not turn, and your brakes will not work either.

Vital Sign #3: Soft Brake Pedal

When you apply your brakes, you should feel resistance. If you feel that your brake pedals are soft when you press on them, that is often a sign that your brake pads are work down. However, soft brakes may also mean that your brake lines are not working right.

You may have air in your brake lines, or you may have a leak in your brake lines. This is serious, and not something that you should ignore. If your brake pedals are soft, your brakes are not going to stop correctly. Once this happens, you should get help immediately.

Vital Sign #4: Pulling When Braking

When you brake, if your car pulls to one side, you have a serious issue. If your vehicle pulls when you brake, that generally means you have a collapsed brake hose. Or you may have impurities in the brake fluid that are causing your vehicle not to brake properly.

When it comes to your brake, if you ever feel like they are not working properly, you should get them inspected right away. Your brakes allow you to control your vehicle and are essential for your safety.

For more information about brake services, contact a local auto shop.