Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Why Taking Your Diesel Truck To A Diesel Garage Is Important

Owning a diesel truck for work or just as a daily driver is becoming more common, and while the engines are a little different from a gas-powered truck, they still need to have some basic service regularly. The differences between gas and diesel engines make taking your diesel truck to a shop specializing in diesel truck repair a good idea, even for these essential maintenance items.

Oil and Filter Changes

One of the most common maintenance items for any diesel truck is a basic oil and filter change for the engine. Over time, the heat inside the engine begins to break down the oil, and the friction that results can allow small metal particles to mix with it. Using a high-quality oil filter removes the material from the oil, but eventually, the filter will need to be replaced with a new one.

Taking your truck to a diesel repair shop and having them change the oil and filter for you is one of the best ways to ensure that your engine gets the right oil and filter for the truck and is installed correctly. While it is often not difficult to do, you may find that it is hard to access the filter on your truck depending on where it is located, and the diesel repair shop may need to put the truck on a lift to gain access.

Fuel Filters

One of the significant differences between gas and diesel trucks is the fuel filters. While they both have them, the diesel engine requires a larger filter that is more like an oil filter and requires changing more often. Getting the right fuel filter is essential, and changing it requires a tech that knows what to do. 

The diesel truck repair shop can replace the filter for you and ensure that all the air is removed from the fuel system when the new filter is put on. If the air is not removed, it will form pockets in the system that will eventually travel to the engine,  which may cause it to stutter or stall due to fuel starvation. This can damage the engine and make it extremely hard to drive.

Air Filters

Air is a critical component for all internal combustion engines, but diesel engines need more air than many other engines. Changing the air filter is not difficult, but if you already have your truck in the diesel truck repair shop for service, it is good to have the tech change the air filters for you. The shop may already have the filters in stock, and the technician can often change them quickly while they have the truck in the service bay. For more information, contact a diesel truck repair shop.