Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

3 Simple Disc Brake Service Tips That Can Definitely Save Your Life

Regular auto maintenance is essential to owning a car. Your car is a machine, and that machine includes different parts that need to be periodically attended to and replaced due to regular wear and tear. 

One such essential part is your disc brakes that are necessary for keeping you and others safe. Here's a closer look at disk brake service tips that indicate you are due for repair or replacement. 

1. Be Vigilant about Squalling or Scraping Noises 

While a certain amount of noise can be expected from your disk brakes, loud scraping or grinding noises mean the brake pad or shoe material is worn, leading to metal-to-metal contact, and call for immediate action. In addition to being very annoying, squeaking, thumping, or scraping noises are a sign of hazard of some kind and can be dangerous to drive with, not to mention it can create more expensive repairs. 

The most common causes of noisy disk brakes is debris buildup between the disks, rust, colder temperatures, damage from overheating, poor installation of cheap brakes, and lack of proper lubrication. No matter the cause, hearing loud noises when you apply your brakes means you are due for a disk brake service to avoid compromising your stopping power or possibly ruining other parts of your braking system. 

2. Pay Attention to Erratic Movements and Noticeable Vibration 

Brake pads are like bar soaps. Eventually, they get used up and need replacing to ensure safe and responsible driving. If you are experiencing vibrations or quavering on your steering wheel when you break or it feels like your car jerks to a stop, something's likely not right with your brake system. 

Thankfully a quick brake inspection at your local auto care shop can get to the bottom of this issue and determine if you need a repair or replacement. 

3. Regularly Check for Cracks 

While tiny hairline cracks or what is commonly known as surface crazing are not cause for concern, they are often an indication of an initial stage of disc cracks caused by overheating.  Cracks or visible damage are a clear sign of thermal stress, and they need replacing to guarantee safe and responsible driving. 

One of the most important ways to ensure the performance of your breaks is to look after them. Being able to stop in time, every time, could mean the difference between endangering your life and that of others. Look for an auto service that performs free brake inspections.