Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Things To Consider When Replacing The Tires On Your Vehicle

Tires will eventually wear out no matter what you drive, and there are some things you will need to know before you can replace them. There are ways to get the information your need, but any of the local tire dealers near you can help as well. 

General Purpose Tires

For most cars on the road, an excellent all-season radial tire will work perfectly, and if you get the right tire, they will have a decent lifespan. Understanding the differences in the tires that many tire dealers offer is an excellent place to start.

Radial tires are the most common tires on the market, and they come in many sizes to fit most modern cars. The tires also come with tire wear ratings that the tire dealers will have displayed with the tires in the store most of the time. The wear rating is not a guarantee that a tire will last as long as the rating suggests, but it is a fantastic way to get an idea of the tire's durability. 

Most car tires use a simple tread pattern designed to hold the road, shed water, and work well on many surfaces without creating excessive road noise. The tires are often designed to enhance the vehicle's ride as well, and you can use them on just about any passenger vehicle on the road.

Selecting Tires

When you arrive at the tire dealer, you will need to let them know what tire size you are looking for. The tire size you have on your car may not be the correct one, so it is a good idea to check the owners manual in the vehicle or have the tire dealer look the tire size up based on the car. 

Most tire dealers have the information readily accessible, but if you check the owner's manual and it is different from their data, it is best to use the manufacturer's recommendation for the vehicle. Talk with the dealer about the type of driving you do, and they can show you some tires that will best fit your needs. 

If you are on the road a lot, a high-mileage tire is often a good fit, but if you are only driving a few miles a day, save some money and get a lower mileage tire. In many cases, cars that are not driven a lot will have tires that get replaced because of the age long before the tread is worn out, and the added cost of a high-mileage tire is not worth the expense for these vehicles.

Tire Installation

Once you select a set of tires, the tire services techs can install them on the car for you. They may offer additional services, but for most cars, mounting, balancing, and putting them on the car is all you need. 

Contact a local tire service or dealer to learn more.