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Important Things To Know About Tire Repair For A Flat Or Leak

Punctures in tires from sharp objects like nails and screws are the most frequent causes of slow leaks and flats. Often, an automotive technician can complete tire repair for customers instead of having to replace the tire. This depends on the extent of the damage and how much tread is left. 

When Repair Service Is Impossible or Inadvisable

Severe Damage

When a flat occurs while someone is driving, stopping quickly is imperative. Rolling too many times on the airless rubber causes the rim to ruin the material.

Unfortunately, sometimes a fast stop is difficult or impossible. There might be too much traffic and an inability to rapidly reach a lane shoulder. Also, when a vehicle is traveling at highway speeds, stopping quickly enough to prevent serious tire damage may be impossible.

Automotive technicians may be unable to repair a puncture with a diameter wider than a quarter-inch. Punctures in the sidewall are irreparable. 

Too Much Wear

When tires are noticeably worn and have thin tread, automotive technicians typically will refuse to fix them or even to locate the flaw. Their employers usually do not allow repair work for tires that should be replaced soon.

Driving Considerations

When the tire has a slow leak, it usually can be driven safely to a nearby repair facility. A faster leak might require replacing the tire with a spare before driving. Otherwise, the risk of a flat on the way there could be high. 

The Importance of Professional Tire Repair Service

When repair work is a suitable option, a technician finds and removes the object that caused the problem, then plugs and patches the hole. Afterward, the tire is refilled to the correct air pressure. 

Bringing the vehicle to a repair shop is important instead of trying to fix the problem at home or elsewhere.

Locating the Leak

First, finding the flaw can be difficult. At home, the standard method is to spray soapy water over all of the rubber and watch for bubbles. Sometimes, this technique cannot identify a minuscule leak that is causing air to be lost very slowly.


Second, plugging the puncture is not enough to guarantee effectiveness. A patch is essential to cover the plug.

Resin Sealant Issues

Adding resin sealant to the interior is effective as a temporary measure. However, this may also prevent technicians from doing repair work in the future.

Anyone who wants professional service for this work may contact a tire repair facility to schedule an appointment.