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Transmission Repairs That Your Car Needs When Gears Quit Working

If you have a problem with your car's gears, the transmission is going to need repairs. There is troubleshooting that you might want to do to know what repairs need to be done to your transmission. There are different signs of transmission problems, such as grinding gears, shaking while shifting, and a burning smell if the problem is the clutch. The following transmission troubleshooting will help you determine what repairs your car needs:

Signs of a Failing Clutch

The clutch could be one of the first transmission problems that you have to troubleshoot. There are some obvious signs that your clutch is failing and will need to be replaced soon. One of the first signs your notice if the clutch is starting to go bad is a burning smell. This can be accompanied by other problems like difficulties getting the transmission to shift gears and problems with when the clutch is engaged.

Blown Seals and Low Fluid Levels

There may also be issues with fluid leaks that could be causing the burning smell, rather than the clutch. When your transmission seal fails, it can cause serious issues with fluid loss. The loss of transmission fluid is what will cause serious damage to your transmission gears and other components. If the transmission seal is blown, it will need to be replaced, and the fluid will need to be changed. Since your transmission is a closed system, this should be one of the few times when the fluid needs to be changed.

Worn Flywheel Problems

The main plate that connects the engine to the transmission in your car is the flywheel. The flywheel wearing out can be one of the first signs of serious transmission repairs that need to be repaired. The flywheel transfers energy from the engine to the transmission, and it is under a lot of stress. This can lead to problems and failures that cause problems when you try to shift into gears. If the flywheel is bad, it is going to need to be replaced before it causes damage to the transmission.

Malfunctioning Transmission Gears

The transmission gears of your car can cause a lot of problems. When they start to wear out, you may have trouble shifting into some of the gears when you need them. This is something that happens over the years as the teeth eventually wear. When the gears of the transmission start to wear, it may be time to consider having the transmission rebuilt. A transmission repair service can help you decide if it is worth repairing it or if rebuilding or replacing it are better options.

The problems with your transmission may require some troubleshooting when you have trouble shifting gears. Contact a transmission repair service for help dealing with these issues when you have trouble with your car.