Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Six Communication Mistakes To Avoid With Your Mechanic Shop

Communication is key when you're hiring and working with a mechanic shop. Unfortunately, vehicle owners sometimes make communication mistakes that frustrate them when their vehicle needs repairs. 

Failing to ask how long repair work will take

It's important to know in advance how long repair work will take since you need your vehicle for everyday transportation.

If you need to have a big job done like a transmission replacement, repairs could take a while. You need to plan for alternate transportation if repairs will take longer than you are able to wait or multiple days.

Being unavailable to answer a mechanic's questions promptly

When your mechanic shop calls, it's best if you get back to them as soon as possible. This way, you can answer any questions they have about what you'd like to have done. Responding to communication from your mechanic shop quickly ensures that your car will be up and running again as soon as possible. 

Failing to specify that you want an estimate before repairs are performed

Some mechanics will jump right into repairs if you don't explain that you want to know what the costs are before you decide to move forward.

If there is something severely wrong with your vehicle, repair costs could be high. Request an estimate so that you can consider your budget before going ahead with repairs. 

Neglecting to tell your mechanic about all the issues you're noticing while driving

Your mechanic shop can perform a physical inspection of your vehicle, but they won't know what you've experienced while actually driving your vehicle.

Anything you've noticed about how your vehicle is performing could help your mechanic shop more effectively identify the needed repairs. It's therefore important to give your mechanic shop a detailed description of how your vehicle has been driving lately. 

Not getting a cost breakdown for repair needs

You might want to request not only an estimate but also a cost breakdown. With a cost breakdown, you might be able to determine how you can minimize immediate costs.

For example, your mechanic shop might let you track down less expensive parts on your own if the cost breakdown shows that parts expenses are high. They can also prioritize repairs so you can take care of the most crucial ones first and wait on less impactful items.

Being unaware of a mechanic shop's capabilities before having your vehicle towed there

If your vehicle is in such bad shape that you can't drive it, it's important to get it towed to the right place. Having a vehicle towed can be expensive. Discuss what's happening with your vehicle over the phone to verify if the mechanic shop you go to handles the types of repairs that you most likely need. 

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