Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

4 Important Ways To Maintain Your Vehicle

There are many components of your car that need to work in unison to keep running. That's why preventative maintenance is so important because sometimes even one component failing can leave your car in a state where it doesn't work. Here are some tips for how you should be performing preventative vehicle maintenance. 

Replace The Battery Periodically

Your battery is a component that needs to be replaced periodically, and it should be done about every 3 years. While you may think that the battery is fine if your car is starting up, it can lead to other problems. Your vehicle depends on your battery a lot more right after it starts. A weak battery can cause the starter to turn slower and draw more power, which causes the alternator to redirect more power to the battery so that it can remain fully charged. It ends up having a ripple effect across your entire vehicle that you may not realize.

Avoid Having A Very Low Gas Tank

You may not realize how keeping your vehicle's fuel level very low can cause problems with your fuel pump. The electric fuel pump needs to send fuel to the engine, and the fuel actually helps keep the fuel pump cool. When the fuel tank is very low, the gasoline sloshes around in the tank and does not supply a steady stream of fuel to your fuel pump. This causes the pump to get very hot by working harder than it has to, which is not good for the fuel pump. 

Flush The Transmission Fluid

A transmission flush is going to help get rid of all the dirt and debris that is stuck in the corners of the various passages where the fluid goes. By only putting new transmission fluid into the transmission, you'll end up loosening that dirt and debris so that it collects together rather than leave the system. A transmission fluid flush will get rid of all that debris so that the new fluid that you put into the transmission is clean.

Change The Oil Regularly

You should never skip a scheduled oil change, which is based on the number of miles that you have traveled or the time that has passed since the last oil change. Oil is what keeps all of the moving parts of your engine lubricated, and keeping the oil clean is the best way to avoid damaging one of the most expensive parts of your vehicle. Spend the money to change the oil or you'll be spending more on engine repair. 

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