Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

3 Things To Do To Get Some Cash Out Of Your Junker Car

An old junker car may have given you several years of good service before it stopped running and became too expensive to repair. And while you might've loved the car when you were driving it, you probably don't love it all that much when it's sitting around in your driveway, taking up space and leaking fluids all over the place. You probably want to just get rid of it, and if you can get some money out of it, that's going to be even better. It's always much better to have someone pay you to take your car away than for you to have to pay them to take the same car away. So, what can you do to get some cash for your junk car?

State of the Car

The first thing you need to do when you are looking to get some cash for your junker is to figure out exactly how much of a junker your car really is. Grab a notebook or open up a notes app on your phone and prepare to take some notes about the car. You need to write down things like if the car is mobile, if it has any special features, like backup cameras, and if any parts are relatively new. The reason to do this is that you are going to be able to tell salvage yards or car purchasing companies what kind of shape your car is in. If you have notes, you can refer to the notes and not try to remember things on your own. 

Title of the Car

You need to have the title of the car in hand. The title proves that you own the car with no liens or anything else. Most places that purchase junk cars won't buy a car without a title, so you need to have yours. If you have lost it, you can go to your state's motor vehicles agency and start the process to get a new one. 

License and Registration

Sometime in the process, you want to make sure that you grab your license plate and call the motor vehicles agency to cancel out your registration. If you are planning on the car being driven to wherever you are selling it, then you need to wait until the car is sold before you remove the tags. If the car is never going to be driven again, then you can take the tags off whenever you want. 

When you have a broken-down car, you want to get some money from it. It is possible for you to sell it off and get some cash.