Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Reasons Your Car Is Burning Oil

Have you noticed that your car has been burning a lot of oil lately? You can notice if you check your oil every few days or weeks and find it consistently low. Why would this happen to your vehicle? Cars can use excessive oil for several reasons. However, this isn't a problem to ignore. Instead, you should schedule an appointment with an auto service shop to determine the cause. Once they know the cause, the shop can offer a remedy. Here is a guide to help you understand this problem.

The purposes of engine oil

Your car's engine needs oil for several reasons. As a result, having the correct amount of oil in the engine is vital. Keeping the oil clean is also important, so you must get routine oil changes. The engine oil keeps your engine cool and lubricates the engine parts. These are the two primary purposes of oil. If your car burns too much oil, you have a problem that needs repairs.

Reasons a car might burn too much oil

If you notice that your oil is always low, you might want to check if you have an oil leak. You'll know if you have a leak if you see oil on the driveway where you park your vehicle. If you never see oil on the driveway, your car is probably burning oil instead of allowing it to leak.

Your car might burn oil for many reasons. First, cars burn oil when you have a bad valve seal. The valve seal in a vehicle can wear out, causing the car to burn excessive oil. Additionally, your car might have bad piston rings, causing the car to burn too much oil. Other issues can also cause it to burn too much oil, including a blown head gasket or bad PVC valves.

Ways an auto service shop fixes this problem

An auto repair shop mechanic can diagnose the problem and fix it. They'll fix it accordingly, ensuring that the car runs smoothly when finished. You should continue checking your oil after the repairs to ensure it's running properly.

Contact an auto service shop to schedule repairs

If your car has a problem like this, you should contact a local auto service shop to have them check it. You can schedule an appointment for your car repairs. After inspecting the vehicle, they'll tell you what they found, and the repair costs.