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FAQs About Renting A Vehicle For A Road Trip

Taking a weekend road trip is a great way to recover from a stressful work week and enjoy some leisure time with loved ones. No matter how far you intend to travel for a weekend getaway, it is a dangerous adventure if your vehicle is not safe enough. However, you should not allow the condition of your vehicle to prevent you from enjoying a weekend getaway with your loved ones. An alternative to using your own vehicle to take a road trip is to rent a vehicle, and it might be more beneficial to your needs. Gather as much information about renting a vehicle as possible before making plans to take a road trip in a rental.

Who is Eligible to Rent a Vehicle? 

The eligibility requirements to rent a vehicle varies between rental companies, but the rules are usually similar. The applicant must be of a specific age, and being considered an adult by law does not automatically make an applicant qualified. Most rental companies will place restrictions on applicants who are under a specific age, such as requiring them to pay an underage fee. Applicants will also need insurance to rent a vehicle, whether it be via the rental company or their own insurance provider. A clean driving record is desired, but driving records are not always obtained as a requirement to rent a vehicle.

Do Vehicle Rental Companies Accept Cash?

A credit card or bank-issued debit card that is in the name of the applicant is a common requirement for renting a vehicle. If you intend to pay for a rental with cash, it will not likely be accepted as a form of payment. A credit or debit card provides rental companies with the convenience of charging any fees that a customer has accumulated. For example, if a customer returns the rental vehicle in a poor condition, his or her card can be charged for the damages or cleaning expenses. Keep in mind that as it is with cash, prepaid debit cards are not usually accepted.

How Long Can a Vehicle Be Rented?

The rental terms will depend on what is allowed by a specific rental company. For example, rental companies might have a minimum time limit for renting a vehicle, such as for at least one day. Renting a vehicle for days, weeks, or even months at a time is usually possible as well. You should not have a problem with renting a vehicle for the duration of your weekend road trip.

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