Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Tip For Replacing Your Vehicle's Battery

Are you located in a hot region that causes the lifespan of your vehicle's battery to be shorter than expected? If so, you'll want to know how to replace the battery on your own. Here are some tips that will help you get through it.

Test the Battery

Take your vehicle to a local auto parts retailer if you have doubts about the performance of your battery. They'll be able to hook it up to a testing device to tell you the vital stats. For example, you'll discover if the battery has a problem holding a charge, or if the total capacity of the battery has been diminished. You'll get a recommendation if the battery needs to be replaced or not.

Gather the Tools

You'll need a few tools to take out the battery. A screwdriver and socket wrench are essential, but you may also need a wire brush if you need to remove corrosion on the terminals.

Take Out the Battery

Start by removing the cover that is placed on top of the terminal posts or the entire battery. There should be black and red cables connected to it, with the red cables going to the positive connector and the black cables going to the negative connector. Pay attention to which cables are connected to which terminals. 

Loosen any clamps that are on these cables, which typically requires a twisting motion while pulling up. You'll have difficulty removing the clamps if there is a lot of corrosion on them. In this situation, you may be better off taking your car to an auto repair shop to handle the battery replacement process. You can also try removing the corrosion with a wire brush.

Some batteries have a bracket or strap that holds it in place, which needs to be removed. Just pay attention to how you remove this strap, since you'll need to put it back on when the new battery is installed. They typically secure with bolts of screws. With the battery disconnected, you can lift it out from the vehicle. Don't throw it away, since many auto shops will recycle old batteries so they are properly disposed of. 

Install the Replacement Battery

Remove any protective caps on the battery to reveal which terminals are positive and negative. Place the battery into the vehicle, with the terminals on the same sides as the old car battery. Secure the battery in place with a strap if necessary so that it doesn't move. Secure the cables to the appropriate terminals, and then place the clamps on top of the cables to secure it them place. Put the covers back on, and you'll be good to go with your new battery.