Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

What Do These 2 Smells From Your Car's Engine Mean?

Almost everything else in life requires that you pay close attention to any minor problems you may encounter to prevent massive damages. In most cases, such happenings could have been avoided if you took action on time. The downside is that in the end, you will have suffered significant losses in time and money trying to fix the problem. 

This is also true when it comes to your car. Regular car servicing means that your vehicle will remain in top-notch condition without any fear of irreparable damage somewhere down the line. Cars use gasoline engines and other oils to run coupled with an electrical system.

Essentially, all these components can bring up several different types of smells, most of which often mean trouble. Here are two of the most common scents that may come from your car's engine.

1. A Smell of Gas 

Whenever you fill up your gas tank and start smelling gas in your car, then it's a potential cause of concern. It could be that there are gas fumes inside of your car or maybe some of it spilled on your clothes or shoes when you were at the station. In such instances, the good thing would be to roll down your car windows for the smell to go away on its own. 

However, you might notice that the odor still lingers hours after you have done that. This could be a sign of a much more severe problem. It could be that your gas tank is leaky or something is missing in the injector. The result is that your car will no longer be fuel-efficient as it once was. You should see your car servicing professional to identify whatever is causing the smell and fixing it all together.

2. Burnt Oil Smell

If your smells are like burnt oil, the first thing you could do is take a look at your oil dipstick. By doing so, it becomes easier to take note of your engine oil level as well as the oil temperature. The most likely cause could be that your engine temperature is above standard limits or you need an oil change. 

Your car servicing professional should be able to identify other problems with your engine if you're unable to do so. They might locate issues of oil leakage and the amount of transmission fluid left in the engine. A car servicing professional is also well-versed in all matters related to an engine and could recommend the right type of oil to use on your vehicle.

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