Like a Doctor, But For Your Car

Critical Service For Your Car, Truck, Or SUV

Auto service can involve many different parts of your vehicle, but there are some systems that are critical and need immediate attention if there is an issue. Keeping regular service completed and addressing anything that comes up along the way is often the best way to ensure your vehicle is in good condition and safe to drive when you need it.  

General Maintenance

Keeping your car in good condition is essential. Regular services, like oil and filter changes, chassis lubrication, and fluid checks, are vital. Each of these auto service items should be part of a regularly scheduled visit to a local mechanic.

While the car is in the shop, you can have a complete vehicle inspection that involves a cursory check of all the systems for signs of a problem. If the tech can identify the problem early, the mechanic can recommend a course of action and get the car or truck fixed before the situation gets worse. Preventative maintenance will help ensure your vehicle is dependable and safe for you and anyone riding in it. 

Critical Systems 

Your car or truck has some critical systems that should not go unchecked during auto service visits. The brakes on your vehicle are one of the most vital systems, and they will wear out over time. As the brakes wear, the performance will diminish, and the car can take longer to stop. 

In an emergency, worn and underperforming brakes could result in a loss of control of the vehicle, and a collision may occur. When you take your car in for regular service, have the technician doing the work check the brakes for you. Most tire manufacturers recommend rotating the tires every few oil changes, and while the tires are off the vehicle, the tech can quickly evaluate the brakes for wear and damage.

The charging system is another critical system that requires some maintenance. Keeping the connection on the battery clean and checking the wires for damage is a good starting point. The cables that run from the alternator to the battery should also undergo regular inspection, and the connection at the starter should be inspected to ensure it is tight and clean. 

While under the hood, all of the hoses in the cooling system, the radiator, and the fan should be evaluated to ensure they are functioning. A failure of the cooling system will allow the engine to overheat, and eventually, damage to the internal parts will occur. If your car is running hot, takes it to an auto service center and have them check the cooling system. Sometimes adding coolant is necessary, but if there is a leak, it is critical to repair it before you drive the can any further.

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