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Servicing The Automatic Transmission In Your Vehicle To Extend The Service Life

The automatic transmission in your vehicle uses a series of valves and a pressure pump to move transmission fluid through oil passages inside the case. The system is durable, and the gears, clutches, and other parts inside will work well when maintained. An auto transmission service can help you keep your transmission working.

Oil And Filter Changes

The auto transmission in your vehicle does not require the same kind of service your engine does. However, there is oil and a filter inside the transmission that will eventually need service. The auto transmission service can remove the oil pan from the transmission, drain the dirty oil, and replace the oil filter on the valve body under the pan. 

Transmission oil is heavier than what is in your car's engine, and there is less heat in the system. In most transmissions, the oil will only need changing after several years of use. The vehicle manufacturer lists a recommended service interval in the owner's manual for you to reference, or the auto transmission service can inspect the oil and let you know if it is time for a complete service. 

Transmission Flush

When you are ready to change the transmission oil in your car, taking the vehicle to an auto transmission service and having them do the work for you can be helpful. While the car is in the shop, you may want to have the transmission tech flush out the old that is in the transmission cooler, the lines that connect it to the transmission housing, and the transmission itself.

While it is not always necessary, if there is any metal in the oil, the only way to avoid contaminating the new oil is to flush all the oil from all the nooks and crannies of the internal passages and lines. Auto transmission service will often take a couple of hours to complete, but when the work is complete, the transmission will shift smoothly and not slip when moving down the road. 

Cleaning The Case

During the auto transmission service, the tech should clean the transmission case and inspect it for damage. Transmissions are commonly made from aluminum and can crack if something hits it from under the car. 

Taking some time to look over the case for any damage is vital and will enable the tech to catch problems before they become so bad that they can not be repaired. If the damage is severe, the case may need replacing, but many shops can weld small cracks and help extend the life of the transmission that came in your car.