Why Taking Your Diesel Truck To A Diesel Garage Is Important

Owning a diesel truck for work or just as a daily driver is becoming more common, and while the engines are a little different from a gas-powered truck, they still need to have some basic service regularly. The differences between gas and diesel engines make taking your diesel truck to a shop specializing in diesel truck repair a good idea, even for these essential maintenance items. Oil and Filter Changes [Read More]

4 Vital Signs You Need To Fix Your Brakes

You can't safely drive without your brakes. Your brakes help to slow down your vehicle, and they provide you with control over your movement. It is important to know the signs that your brakes need repairs, so you can take them to the mechanic and get them fixed right away. Vital Sign #1: Vibrations When Braking When you apply your brakes, you should feel your brakes decompress slowly. You should not feel vibrations when you apply your brakes. [Read More]

3 Ways Your Car's Blower Can Fail

Your car's air conditioning system includes many of the standard components you can find in a traditional home HVAC system. These include a compressor, condenser and evaporator coils, and a blower motor to push cooled air into the cabin. Many automotive air conditioning problems prevent the system from cooling air, but blower failures can be just as frustrating. Symptoms of a problem with the blower can vary from erratic fan speed control to air that remains stubbornly still. [Read More]

Vehicle Not Driving Straight? It Could Be Due To These 4 Things

Have you noticed that your vehicle is no longer driving straight on the road? The vehicle may be slowly drifting to one side and require constant correction on your part, which can be quite frustrating. Follow these tips to know what to do about it.  Keep Notes About Behavior The first thing you want to do is start taking notes about when the vehicle starts to drift. For example, does it happen when you are braking, when you are driving on a certain road, or when driving at high speeds? [Read More]