Vehicle Not Driving Straight? It Could Be Due To These 4 Things

Have you noticed that your vehicle is no longer driving straight on the road? The vehicle may be slowly drifting to one side and require constant correction on your part, which can be quite frustrating. Follow these tips to know what to do about it.  Keep Notes About Behavior The first thing you want to do is start taking notes about when the vehicle starts to drift. For example, does it happen when you are braking, when you are driving on a certain road, or when driving at high speeds? [Read More]

Top 3 Reasons To Get Car Wheel Alignment Services

New vehicles enter the market with wheel alignment that matches manufacturer recommendations. Over time, it can get misaligned and will require adjustments. Misalignment can occur due to driving conditions, habits, accidents, and other factors such as potholes. There are several risks that drivers face if they ignore signs that misalignment exists. Safety and vehicle performance are impacted by alignment, which is why it is a car maintenance duty that should not be ignored. [Read More]

How Does A CDL Training Program Prepare You For The Road?

Careers in trucking can be many things to many people. Gaining your CDL isn't just a way to launch yourself into a new job. It's also an opportunity to begin a lifestyle that can lead you nearly anywhere, up to and including becoming your own boss as an owner-operator. There's only one pesky problem: you still need to pass your licensing exam. Although some states may allow you to take your exam without first undergoing a training program, many drivers will not take this route. [Read More]

The Main Functions Of Automatic Transmission Fluid And Why It Needs Regular Changing

The fluid that flows through your automatic transmission system serves different purposes. Knowing what these functions are is crucial to understanding how car transmissions work and why it is important to perform timely maintenance on your vehicle. Check out this discussion on the main functions of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and why it is important to change the fluid regularly.  The Main Functions of Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF performs several functions in cars. [Read More]